"(Gray) /ɡrā/ - A color intermediate between black and white, as of ashes or lead."

What is your opinion on the color gray?

Well I wouldn't know, since I don't have telepathy, but I know that I do. My name is Casey, and I am an unofficial field analysist in visual perception deriving from the light spectrum. That's a fancy way of saying I like looking at colors!

I started coding around for fun and have made several versions of this webpage, but finally found something good. I have a interest towards the color gray if that wasn't obvious. Why is that? I could explain it, but maybe now would not be the best time. I choose to call this site reality because of my infinite control, which is something everyone wants.

EDIT: So I'm currently reworking this site cause I don't really like it. So if you go back to this website and it looks completely different, that's why. I hope you come back though! Like please do, it would be great.

Until next time! Have some badges.

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